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About Fit Frappé?

Protein drink mixes can taste great! Don't take our word for it, check out the awesome testimonials for Fit Frappe. (See the "Testimonials" tab on this page with many quotes from Big Train customers.) Big Train leveraged 20 years experience in making fabulous powdered drink mix products for the foodservice industry to create this line of gourmet protein beverages. Fit Frappe is super versatile and can be served blended with ice (frappe), poured over ice or even hot. Just add water (and ice if blended) to Fit frappe powder and mix!

Fit Frappe comes in three coffee flavors (Mocha, Espresso & Vanilla Latte) and three non-coffee flavors: Chai, Chocolate, and Vanilla. The vanilla flavor has no caffeine and is a terrific base for other drinks and recipes like green smoothies and serves as great alternative to creamer for your coffee or espresso. See the "Recipes" tab on this page for great Fit Frappe protein recipes like shakes, desserts, pudding, and more. Buy a canister for home use and single serving packets for better-for-you lattes on the go.

Fit Frappe uses casein protein for a clean creamy flavor unlike whey products that typically have that chalky protein aftertaste. Packed with 20g protein, only 1-2g sugar, 19 vitamins and minerals, 5g fiber, only 3.5g of fat and only 130 calories in a 16fl oz serving, Fit Frappe can be a meal replacement, a morning boost, or a mid-day guilt-free snack. For more information about Fit Frappe including nutritional information, check out the FAQ's tab on this page. See for yourself what all the buzz is about and order some Fit Frappe protein drink mixes today! Have comments or suggestions? Send an email to or mention the hashtag "#FitFrappe" in your social media posts. Please share your creative Fit Frappe recipes!

Fit Frappé Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Who drinks Fit Frappé?

    Fit Frappé appeals to a wide variety of people, including busy Moms, students on the go, fitness enthusiasts as well as active individuals looking for great tasting better-for-you products. Fit Frappe customers also include yoga instructors, runners, fitness trainers, CrossFit fans, weight loss surgery patients, diabetic patients, and even MMA fighters. Having a great tasting versatile product with a very low sugar/high protein combination is helping drive demand for Fit Frappe in more places every day. The non-coffee flavors are also great for kids because each serving contains less than one gram of sugar and more protein than a glass of milk!

  2. How much protein does each flavor have?

    In a 16 fl oz serving, each flavor of Fit Frappé contains 20g of protein with the exception of Mocha and Spiced Chai Latte, which contain 21g.

  3. What type of protein is used in Fit Frappé?

    Casein is the protein of choice in Fit Frappé. The source of the protein is Calcium Caseinate.

  4. Why was Casein used over Whey protein?

    Casein was used instead of whey because it has a cleaner taste than whey, absorbing more of the coffee and coffee-free flavors of Fit Frappé, while whey typically has a chalky aftertaste. Casein has a slower absorption rate than whey, (which makes you feel full longer) making Fit Frappé a great meal replacement option.

  5. How much caffeine does Fit Frappé contain in each flavor?

  6. Here is the caffeine content for a 16 fl oz beverage:
    • Espresso – 200 mg
    • Spiced Chai Latte – 160 mg
    • Mocha – 110 mg
    • Vanilla Latte – 100 mg
    • Chocolate – 10 mg
    • Vanilla –  Caffeine Free

  7. What is Fit Frappé sweetened with?

    The sweetener used to sweeten Fit Frappé is sucralose. We use sucralose because we can use very small quantities (it is 600 times as sweet as table sugar) in order to create a great tasting, low calorie, good-for-you beverage.

  8. Does Fit Frappé contain dairy?

    Yes, because Fit Frappé is made with Calcium Caseinate as the protein source which is a milk derivative.

  9. Is Fit Frappé gluten free?

    Yes, Fit Frappé is gluten free

  10. How many servings are in each type of container?

  11. Here are the servings for each type of container:
    • 2.26 lb container – 19/16 oz servings or 38/8 oz servings
    • Retail 1.19 lb canister – 10/16 oz servings or 20/8 oz servings
    • Single Serve 1.9 oz packet – 1/16 oz serving or 2/8 oz servings

  12. When I make Fit Frappé blended, it comes out thick. Is this the intended texture?

    If you make Fit Frappé blended and it comes out thick, add more water (or milk) to the mixture or try adding less ice and blend until you get your desired consistency.

  13. Is Fit Frappé for weight loss?

    Fit Frappé is not promoted as a weight loss tool, but has lower calories, fat and sugar that is consistent with most weight loss products. It also contains 5g of fiber and 20-21 g of protein that will keep you satiated in between meals. Fit Frappé also contains 19 vitamins and minerals, giving your body the nutrition it needs throughout the day.

  14. Can I make Fit Frappé in a shaker?

  15. Yes! Shakers work very well especially when served over ice. Here is the recipe:
    • Add 7 fl oz (210 mL) water into a shaker.
    • Add 1 scoop (4 tbsp or 27 g) mix into a shaker.
    • Shake for 30-60 seconds.
    • Drink from shaker or pour in cup filled with ice.

  16. Can you serve Fit Frappé hot?

    Absolutely! Follow the instructions on your packaging. It is very easy. Some of our customers pour in hot water (but not boiling hot), add Fit Frappe mix and then stir using a spoon. For the ultimate skinny latte try using a milk frother or mini battery operated blender.

  17. Does heating up Fit Frappé affect the protein?

    Proteins are chains of large molecules made up of amino acids in different sequences. Denaturation of protein through such methods like heat, acid, or physical agitation is breaking the bonds between the amino acids. It is the amino acids that provide the nutritional benefits. Breaking the bonds can actually be beneficial because the body can access/use the amino acids much quicker than having the stomach acids digest or denature the protein. For example, after a workout, some consume protein to build back the lean muscle mass lost during the workout. Consuming proteins that have been denatured is beneficial because the body will use/absorb the amino acids quicker.

  18. Can I make Fit Frappé different ways like brownies, green smoothies? What are some other recipes and where can I find them?

    Fit Frappe is very versatile. Many coffee houses use our Chocolate and Vanilla flavors (which have no coffee in them) as bases for a variety of drink recipes. So make Fit Frappé your way with fruits, veggies (yes, veggies), nut-based butters, milk or milk alternatives, espressos, granola and yogurts. You can even use Fit Frappé when you are baking your favorite homemade treats for a healthy alternative like brownies, cookies, or cakes! Big Train offers some great recipes that can be found on our blog. Look for Protein recipes.

  19. Fit Frappé has 4-6g Net Carbs. What are Net Carbs and how are they calculated?

  20. Net carbs are defined as total carbohydrates minus the carbohydrates that don’t affect blood sugar levels (such as fiber or sugar alcohols). Here is how net carbs in Fit Frappe Spiced Chai Latte are calculated:

    8 fl oz:
    Total Carbs 12 g
    - Dietary Fiber 3 g
    - Sugar Alcohol 7 g
    Net Carbs 2 g

    16 fl oz:
    Total Carbs 24 g
    - Dietary Fiber 5 g
    - Sugar Alcohol 15 g
    Net Carbs 4 g

  21. Does Fit Frappé contain sugar alcohols?

    Yes, Fit Frappé does contain sugar alcohols. When we launched Fit Frappé - one of the primary goals was to make it as accessible as possible to consumers and to that end in mind we wanted to develop great taste while keeping the calories and carbs low. By all the feedback we have received so far we have done just that while still offering a very nutritious drink/meal replacement. The GMP max level for sugar alcohols in beverages is 3.5%. We developed Fit Frappe making sure we are well below the level allowed for our product category – again going for great taste and low calories. The amount of sugar alcohol is included in the total carb count for each flavor of Fit Frappé, and can be deducted when calculating net carbs, commonly used and important for low carb diets.

  22. Where can I buy Fit Frappé?

  23. Coffee houses from across the country are serving up Fit Frappe drinks. Fit Frappé can be purchased for home use too at Big and a growing list of retailers across the country. Do you wish your local store would stock this product? Download this form and take it to your local store or café manager. Also you can try our store locator here.

  24. What are the ingredients in Fit Frappé?

  25. Click on the link below to see the detailed nutritional information for each flavor. Email us at if you have any additional questions.

  26. I have other questions, suggestions or comments regarding Fit Frappé. Who can I contact?

  27. Great! Shoot us an email to We look forward to hearing from you.

Fit Frappé Protein Drink Mix Testimonials:

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So what’s all this buzz about? Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what people are saying. These are real testimonials pulled from our Facebook page, twitter, and emails we have received:

Thank you, Big Train. Mocha Fit Frappé helped me drop 60lbs this yr (along w/ healthyeating & exercise) for my wedding this Sunday!” - Daniel G

"Drinking a vanilla Fit Frappé from Big Train. this is DELICIOUS!" -Alana.

"Obsessed with my Fit Frappé protein drink!!! Can't get enough!." -Erika S.

"The Fit Frappé by Big Train is so delicious I must get chocolate as well. Besttasting protein shake ever no chalkiness at all! thanks!." -Tia.

"Slightly obsessed with mocha Fit Frappé from Big Train. Chocolatey goodness withoutthe guilt." -Sara S.

"I must say Big Train is the best protein mix I've EVER had. Taste like a treat,not like a mix or protein." -Jay S.

"Big Train vanilla Fit Frappé with fresh peaches this morning. Yum!." -AmandaL.

"Big Train, Your Vanilla Latte Fit Frappé is the best thing to ever touch my tastebuds! EVERYONE MUST TRY IT!." -Derek V.

"Hey Big Train, you hit a home run with your espresso Fit Frappé! Tasty stuff rightthere." -Vinny S.

"Have you tried the Fit Frappé from Big Train? imo the best tasting protein drinkout there (& I've tried tons of them!)." -Judy M.

"Enjoyed a post-workout Fit Frappé. Honestly, the best tasting protein mix I haveever had." -Deb R.

"I remembered reading the suggestion that baristas could mix it up to customizetheir customer's favorite coffee order, so rather than half & half I threw a scoopof Fit Frappe™ into my donut shoppe K-cup and whola, breakfast was served! It wasdelightful! Really really good. A great cup of Mocha goodness! The bariatric communitywill love this product because it has virtually no sugar and it keeps you full forquite a while." -Michelle.

"Really REALLY digging the Fit Frappé from Big Train!! My husband and I are sippingour Mocha Protein Shake as I type. #yum." -Rachel S.

"Just had some of the Fit Frappé at a So Cal get together, the Chocolate was OMGgood!!! Even made with water, it tasted just like hot chocolate made with cream.YUMMY!!!! Had the Espresso one this morning, very good coffee flavor and again niceand creamy. Mixes very smooth too, I am impressed!! Good job Big Train!!!." -Angela S.

"1 scoop fit frappe mocha + 7 oz water + ~ 1 cup frozen berries in my blender ismy new fav afternoon snack. 2 pointsplus." -Kim D.

Dear Big Train - I swear I was going to have a Fit Frappé party at work, but thisstuff is too good to share. -Theresa O.

"Just made smoothies out the espresso and mocha packs. They taste amazing!." -Johnny T.

"OMG! Just tried my first Fit Frappé - vanilla latte! Holy deliciousness! And I'vetried LOTS! Absolutely awesome!." -Maegan E.

"It was great talking to you this morning; as I said, I am a bariatric patient andI am a protein snob. When I come across a protein that I enjoy, it excites me andimmediately I want to share it with my friends and community." -Michelle S.

"So we got our Big Train Fit Frappé from Klout Perks last week and they are prettyfreaking delicious!." -Jenn C.

"OH Big Train I am confessing my love for you Chocolate Fit Frappé It is so amazing."-Jason H.

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Fit Frappé Protein Drink recipes

Fit Frappé can be used to make delicious drinks and good-for-you treats! Many foodservice operators use our Fit Frappé protein products as a base mix as part of their own unique protein beverage creations. All of Big Train's Fit Frappé products are delicious stand alone products as well.

Classic Protein Drink Recipes

Frappe: For a 16 fl oz (480 mL) blended drink add 6 fl oz (175 mL) water or milk to blender. Add 2 scoops drink mix. Add 1½ cups ice. Blend until smooth.

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Iced: For an 8 fl oz (240 mL) drink add 7 fl oz (205 mL) water or milk into shaker. Add 1 scoop drink mix. Shake for 30-60 seconds. Pour over ½ cup ice.

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Hot: For an 8 fl oz (240 mL) hot drink add 1 scoop drink mix to cup or mug. Add 7 fl oz (205 mL) hot water or milk. Stir to dissolve. For best results use a mini electric mixer or milk frother.

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Protein Shakes, Protein Brownies, and More!

Big Train consumers are getting very creative with protein recipes using Fit Frappé! Protein smoothies, protein coffee drinks, protein food and dessert recipes, and more.

To see more Fit Frappe protein recipes check out our blog here: Protein Recipes

Got a great recipe to share? Please do!

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