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Real Fruit Smoothie Mix

Real Fruit Smoothie Mix  

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Real Fruit Smoothies: Real Fruit. Real Easy.

Nothing feels like summer more than an icy, refreshing real fruit smoothie on a warm sunny day. The taste of sweet fruit in a blended drink is the perfect treat for your taste buds! Big Train has introduced 6 Top Selling Real Fruit pour-over ice Smoothie flavors that taste as delicious as they are simple to make:

Easy to make

Little or no training is needed to create a Big Train Real Fruit Smoothie every time. Simply fill a glass with the desired amount of ice, pour your favorite Real Fruit Smoothie mix over the top of the ice and pour all the contents into a blender and blend! The texture and consistency of the smoothie is perfect every time you blend up any one of these lip-smacking fruity treats! Since this is a pour over ice and blend product, no water is needed – Saving time and money!

Real Fruit Smoothie Concentrate: Fruit Smoothie Tea Blast

Big Train Fruit Smoothie Tea Blast is a perfect fusion of real fruit or juice, green tea and Vitamin C. Not only does this better-for-you-smoothie contain 150% of your daily Vitamin C allowance, its fat free, and is Kosher Certified, and Antioxidant Rich - up to 100 mg of Antioxidants per 16 oz serving! Fruit Tea Smoothie Blast beverage mix is a delicious addition to any frozen drink recipe and can be used as a base mix. Blast your taste buds with your own smoothie creations or just add water and ice for a refreshing treat!

Available in a case size of 6/32 fl oz containers, try Fruit Tea Smoothie Blast in all 11 crazy, delicious flavors:

Naturals™ Real Fruit Smoothie Concentrate: Real Fruit. Real Tea. All Natural.

Big Train Naturals Real Fruit Smoothie drink mix concentrate is a rich, flavorful blend of fruit juices, tea, and natural botanicals. This better-for-you smoothie is made with real fruit, juice and green tea. With just 200 calories per 16 oz drink, Naturals Real Fruit Smoothie drink mix is fat free, contains 100% of your daily Vitamin C allowance and contains no high fructose corn syrup and tastes as good as it sounds!

Available in a case size of 6/32 fl oz containers, try Naturals Real Fruit Smoothie Blast in all naturally refreshing flavors.

Vanilla Smoothie Mix – A Perfect Smoothie Base

Big Train Vanilla Smoothie Mix and No Sugar Added Vanilla Smoothie mixes are the perfect bases for creating your own smoothies. Add fresh fruit, juice or flavor syrups or use these smoothie mixes as an ideal substitute for ice cream or yogurt in smoothies. You can also add this smoothie mix to our Fruit Tea Smoothie for an even creamier smoothie. Made without Trans Fat, caffeine or hydrogenated oils, Vanilla Smoothie Mix and No Sugar Added Vanilla Smoothie Mix create endless possibilities for your best smoothie creations!

Available in a case pack of 5/3.5 lbs bags, try Original Vanilla Smoothie Mix or No Sugar Added Vanilla Smoothie Mix.

Big Train Smoothie Recipes

Big Train Smoothies are perfect for use in a variety of beverages like Frozen Fruit Cocktails, Creamy Yogurt Smoothies, Frosty Fruit Granita Beverages and much more! Click Here to view recipes and submit your own creative concoctions using Big Train Smoothie line.

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