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About Big Train

Who is Big Train?

The name Big Train was chosen by the founding partners in 1991 because it stood for a thriving enterprise that symbolizes strength and constant motion. Big Train® has evolved to become a global brand that stands for consistently delicious easy to prepare beverage mixes. The foodservice market leader in Blended Ice Coffee and Chai beverage mixes, Big Train’s product portfolio now includes over 200 diverse products, the most complete in the industry. Big Train keeps moving forward, always in search of the next revolutionary drink that’s as delicious to drink as it is easy to make.

For over 20 years, Big Train has established itself as a worldwide leader in specialty beverage mix products for the foodservice industry and consumers by building a top to bottom commitment to excellent customer service. We are proud of our Made in the USA heritage. Big Train exports its products to over 55 countries including Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Chile, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and many others.

In February, 2013, Kerry announced the acquisition of Big Train. Born out of Kerry’s desire to enhance the customer experience, Big Train expands Kerry’s beverage product solutions, exceptional flavor science, expanded food and beverage technologies, manufacturing expertise, and global reach. For more information about Kerry, go here.

The Professional's Choice

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Big Train got its start selling to coffee shops, which remain a key customer sales channel. Big Train now supports major food and beverage distributors and suppliers around the world. In addition, major national retail and restaurant chains, boutiques, government institutions, concessionaires, and other businesses have partnered with us to offer their customers some of the best beverage products available anywhere. Professional is our standard of quality. We’ve made it our business to help foodservice operators, and now home baristas, everywhere succeed by giving them a recipe for success: easy to make products that taste great, every time.

Success is in the mix.TM

OnTrack Rewards

Big Train is a classic all-American company with entrepreneurial roots. We offer exceptional service as we are constantly striving to delight our diverse customers that span the globe. More than just a vendor, Big Train together with Kerry offers exceptional service and resources to support our variedcustomers by providing great products that stand out. With added-value services like our innovative OnTrack Rewards Program, and our rich Commercial Blender program, we have driven loyalty with food service operators spanning decades.

Our success is due in part to a diverse, high quality product line that includes frappes, hot cocoas, soft serve products, real fruit smoothies, baked goods, and innovative protein drink mixes. Because of a combination of win-win partnerships with the best distributors in the industry, thousands of devoted wholesale customers, tenured dedicated and friendly staff, devoted Big Train consumers, and a company-wide commitment to quality, Big Train has paved the way to where we are today.

Where can you buy Big Train products?

If you are a business and wish to set up a wholesale account or if you need help finding a local distributor in your area, please contact us so we can point you in the right direction or call our Inside Sales Team at (800) 537-7987. If you wish to purchase Big Train for home use, check out our store locator. You may also purchase select Big Train products directly from our website. If you can’t find Big Train at your favorite store, try asking your store manager to carry your favorite Big Train product and hand them this form (click here to download PDF).Can’t find Big Train at your local café or store? Click here!

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