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Drink Mixes For Churches and Non Profits

Churches and nonprofit organizations are loyal customers of Big Train. For over 20 years, religious organizations and non-profit entities have counted on Big Train’s easy to make, consistent, and delicious beverage mix products to support their food and beverage operations and fundraising activities and programs.

Food and beverage operators with religious organizations and charities love Big Train because most of our mix products do not need to be refrigerated, our packaging makes our products easy to store and use which lowers costs. In addition Big Train’s legendary mixes are delicious! This keeps your patrons and supporters coming back for more. Because our products taste great and their easy to make (just add water and or ice), Big Train products are often used as part of our customers’ fund raising efforts.

How does church or nonprofit fundraising work?
1)    Ask your members and groups what types of drinks they like most.
2)    Contact Big Train and pick from over 200 varieties.
3)    Purchase the Big Train drink mixes that you want.
4)    Sell Big Train blended ice coffees, smoothies, teas, lemonades, chai teas, hot cocoas, or blended crème frappes at your next fundraiser or gathering or in between church services.

For example, if a drink costs you $0.85 to make and you charge $3.00, then you can see how serving beverages can be a great fundraising method.

Drink Fundraising Support
Need help getting the word out? How about promotional posters, flavor strips, or table tents? Big Train offers free promotional materials to help make your next church service or group event successful.

Get started with your church or nonprofit fundraiser today! For more information fill out this form or call us at (800) BIG TRAIN (244-8724) or via email: