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Schools - Universities

Big Train Blended Ice Coffee served at Purdue University

Schools and universities have been buying Big Train beverage mixes for years. From campus coffee houses, cafeterias, kiosks and fund raising events, these organizations around the world are giving their students better tasting and better-for-you drink products made with Big Train gourmet beverage mixes.

Not surprisingly, students love our chais, blended ice coffee drinks, blended crème frappes, fruit smoothies, and our Fit Frappe protein drink line. They love our products because they taste amazing. School and university administrators and foodservice operators love our drinks too because they are so easy to make – just add water and or ice. Less refrigeration, greater shelf life, low cost per drink equals quick service gourmet professional barista style drinks for increasingly demanding student consumers.

Whether you have a private school, vocational school, a University or a district of schools, Big Train has the products and resources to help you provide the ultimate specialty drink options while helping you boost your fund raising efforts. Don’t be surprised if your café lines grow longer than the cafeteria lines.

Food safety is as important to us as it is to you. Big Train has the most comprehensive certifications in the business, including Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) with BRC certification (Grade A), Kosher, and Halal – all seals of approval after exhaustive audits and reviews of our processes, products and controls. These certifications reflect our top down commitment to quality.

Get started with Big Train today! Call us for free samples or to inquire about setting up a new account with us. Or, if you would like us to put you in touch with a value-added distributor in your local market we can refer you to one of over 200 Big Train distributors around the world.

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