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Big Train Scoop Chart

Need help figuring out how to make Big Train gourmet beverages? We've made it easy. Simply look for the drink mix flavor below, then refer to the corresponding scoop size. Big Train supplies three colors of scoops: clear, red, and blue. This colorized graphic above is for illustrative purposes only. When asking for a clear scoop, please be sure to state the size that you need (29.6 cc for example.) Happy mixing.

Blended Iced Coffees (frappés)
Caramel Latte – 60cc Red scoop
Chocolate Malt – 60cc Red scoop
Chocolate Mint – 60cc Red scoop
Chocolate Peanut Butter – 60cc Red scoop
Coffee – 60cc Red scoop
Decaf Mocha – 60cc Red scoop
Decaf Vanilla – 60cc Red scoop
Dulce de Leche – 60cc Red scoop
Espresso – 60cc Red scoop
Heath Mocha – 60cc Red scoop
Java Chip – 70cc Blue scoop
Kona Mocha – 60cc Red scoop
Low Carb Caramel – 43cc Clear Scoop
Low Carb Vanilla – 43cc Clear scoop
Mocha – 60cc Red scoop
NSA Mocha – 70cc Blue scoop
NSA Vanilla – 70cc Blue scoop
Peppermint Mocha – 60cc Red scoop
Pralines N Cream – 60cc Red scoop
Pumpkin Spice – 60cc Red scoop
Vanilla Latte – 60cc Red scoop
White Chocolate Latte – 60cc Red scoop

Natural Blended Ice Coffees
Caramel Latte – 32cc Clear scoop
Coffee – 32cc Clear scoop
Mocha – 32cc Clear scoop
Vanilla Café – 32cc Clear scoop

Low Carb Blended Ice Coffees
Caramel – 43cc Clear scoop
Mocha – 53 cc Clear scoop
Vanilla – 43cc Clear scoop

Blended Crèmes (coffee-free frappés)
Belgian Chocolate – 60cc Red scoop
Black Cherry – 60cc Red scoop
Cake Batter – 60cc Red scoop
Cookies N Cream – 60cc Red scoop
Southern Velvet – 60cc Red scoop
Egg Nog – 60cc Red scoop
Hazelnut – 60cc Red scoop
NY Cheesecake – 53cc Clear scoop
Peaches N Cream – 53cc Clear scoop
Root Beer Float – 60cc Red scoop
Strawberry – 53cc Clear scoop
Strawberry Banana – 60cc Red scoop
Vanilla Bean – 60cc Red scoop
Watermelon – 60cc Red scoop

Caramel – 48cc Clear scoop
Chocolate – 48cc Clear scoop
Dairy Free Spiced – 29.6cc Clear scoop
Decaf Spiced – 48cc Clear scoop
Decaf Vanilla – 48cc Clear scoop
Gingerbread – 48cc Clear scoop
Green Tea – 48cc Clear scoop
Low Carb Spiced – 29.6cc Clear scoop
NSA Vanilla – 60cc Red scoop
Pumpkin Pie Chai – 48cc Clear scoop
Raspberry – 48cc Clear scoop
Spiced – 48cc Clear scoop
Spiced Apple – 48cc Clear scoop
Tropical – 48cc Clear scoop
Vanilla – 48cc Clear scoop

Hot Cocoa Mix
Hot Cocoa – 53cc Clear scoop
Low Carb Hot Cocoa – 29.6cc Clear scoop

Kidz Kreamz
Bubble Gum – 53cc Clear scoop
Cotton Candy – 53cc Clear scoop
Orange Cream – 53cc Clear scoop

Vanilla Smoothie Mix
NSA Vanilla Smoothie Mix – 60cc Red scoop
Vanilla Smoothie Mix – 43cc Clear scoop

Coconut – 60cc Red scoop
Honeydew – 60cc Red scoop
Mango – 53cc Clear scoop
Green Tea – 60cc Red scoop
Taro – 60cc Red scoop
Thai Tea – 60cc Red scoop

20 Below Frozen Chocolate
20 Below Frozen Chocolate – 60cc Red scoop
20 Below White Chocolate – 60cc Red scoop

Shaken Iced Tea
Lemonade – 32cc Clear scoop
Lemon Honey Iced Tea – 32cc Clear scoop
Mango Passion Iced Tea – 32cc Clear scoop

Horchata – 60cc Red scoop
Jamaica – 48cc Clear scoop
Mexican Spiced Cocoa – 70cc Clear scoop
Tamarindo – 60cc Red scoop

Fit Frappe
Coffee – 60cc Red scoop
Espresso – 60cc Red scoop
Mocha – 60cc Red scoop
Spiced Chai – 60cc Red scoop
Vanilla Latte – 60cc Red scoop
Vanilla – 60cc Red scoop

Tart Smoothie
Tart Smoothie Mix – 43cc Clear scoop

Need a Scoop?

If you need supplies, point of sale marketing materials or tubs, stickers or more, contact your Big Train distributor or call Big Train directly at 800 BIG TRAIN that's (800) 244-8724.