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Soft Serve

Soft Serve Powder Base Mixes

Soft serve has never tasted so good! With over 20 years of experience in powdered gourmet mix products, Big Train has a great reputation for creating gourmet mix products that are as easy to make as they are delicious.

With a huge selection of soft serve flavors and soft serve bases, be wow’ed by Big Train Wow Cow™ and Skinny Minnie™ soft serve products.

Managing a yogurt shop, ice cream store or offering soft serve frozen products, certainly takes considerable effort. Let Big Train make your job easier with easy to make products and help you strengthen your menu of frozen desserts with our extensive line of powdered soft serve mixes and flavor bottles.

Whether your customers desire regular, no-sugar-added, or low carb healthier options, Big Train’s soft serve program has you covered.  Big Train offers great versatility to provide you a soft serve selection that caters to your varied customers. Or let your chefs create new creative recipes using our products as the foundation. Because our products are powder based, we offer high shelf life to help you reduce spoilage and reduce unnecessary waste and costs.

Why Big Train soft serve?
• Versatile - Neutral powder bases can be mixed with flavor syrups to create a
wide variety of flavors with less inventory
• More Profitable - Longer shelf life means less waste and more profits
• Convenient – Doesn’t require refrigerated storage space
• Economical – Less expensive to ship because it doesn’t require
refrigerated delivery
• Safe – Powdered mix reduces contamination risk and improves product safety

Check out our products section for more information. Whether you have a single soft serve shop, or a chain, and whether you add soft serve desserts to your product menu or its all you do, Big Train has the products and resources to help you provide the perfect soft serve frozen dessert options while helping you boost your average ticket size and margins. Don’t be surprised if you see repeat customers begging for more Big Train soft serve products.

Get started with Big Train today! Call us for free samples or to inquire about setting up a new account with us. Or if you would like us to put you in touch with a value-added distributor in your local market we can refer you to one of over 200 Big Train distributors around the world.

If you are a yogurt shop, ice cream store, or soft serve operator, and are looking for excellent soft serve mix products, let us show you what we have. To learn more about Big Train soft serve products and services, please complete this form or email us at